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What is a Group health insurance plan?

Group health insurance is employer-sponsored health coverage plan for business owners, employees and dependents of those employees. A small group plan consists of a company that has between 2 - 50 employees. Small group health insurance is guaranteed issue plan. That means no one can be turned down based upon past medical history. Before giving us your census and starting your quote to the right. Please read Below.



What are the requirements in obtaining a small business group plan in Utah?  


1. Your company must consist of two full time owners, officers, partners and or employees who are verified by filing state quarterly tax and wage statements.
2. You must meet a certain percentage or contribution stated by the insurance company for the employee. This is an amount that usually is around 50-75%. Most employers will pay 100% for employee, and employee will pick up rest of the cost for family at 50%
3. That your company has a legitimate business entity. You must have one or following

- Articles of organization.
- Articles of incorporation.
- A business license, partnership or proprietorship.


Note - If your a new business and do not have the quarterly wage statement we can still help you. We just need to get a letter from you stating that you will provide us with that during the next quarter.

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